Once you have created and tested an excel workbook containing an L4X script it can be deployed for use in PDFing to convert OS/400 spooled-files to spreadsheets. This conversion does not require MS Excel to be installed.
You must first copy the "scripted" excel workbook to the \PDFing\Markup directory. When PDFing selects this workbook it will run its L4X script(s) and import the OS/400 spooled-file to worksheet(s) within a copy of the "scripted" workbook. PDFing can be configured so that a workbook is selected when:
L4X should not be confused with Lua for PDFing, which is a language "embedded" in PDFing, that allows for the extensive customisation of its behaviour. However the script for this embedded language can be developed and debugged using program: L4p.exe which is installed as part of the L4X editor/debugger.

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