Download the windows installer files (32 bit excel) or (64 bit excel)  for L4X and run it. The installation process should automatically "add-in" L4X for Excel and the new L4X menu on the Excel menu-bar will allow you to create, edit, debug and run L4X scripts. After installing, go to the windows start menu, and open the L4X examples workbook. For Excel version before 2007, please download
If for some reason, L4X is not "added-in" and you cannot see the L4X menu on the Excel menu-bar, run Excel and select the [Tools|Add-Ins] menu option. You will then see a list of the available add-ins. Click on the [Browse] button to find the L4X add-in file: L4x.xla or L4x.xlam which will be in the folder you selected when installing. When you have selected this file, you should see the name "L4X for text import" appear in the list of add-ins. Check the box by this L4X add-in and then click O.K.

Download (PDF) or (PDF/Zipped).
This document describes the L4X language and the most significant features of the Lua 4.0. language.

Download (HTML/Zipped).
This help-text is included with the L4X editor/debugger. Unzip these help-pages and open page: index.html in your web-browser, to review the help.

Download (PDF).
This document describes version 4.0 of the Lua programming language in detail.

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