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Are you having problems converting lines of text into rows of cells in a Microsoft Excel worksheet because:

If you are spending too much time in Excel, editing the result of such text imports or conversions, then L4X may be the solution to your problems. L4X is an "add-in" for Microsoft Excel which allows "example" worksheets to be scripted in a little language that controls exactly what text is imported into Excel and when. L4X is designed to make the import of text from "legacy" reports into Excel worksheets as easy and as fast as possible, it can also import comma-separated values (CSV) and other delimited values from a text-file.
Of course, you can always solve such problems using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). However, consider using L4X first because: The L4X scripting language is concise and easy to learn because it is designed specifically for tasks of this nature. A script for most import problems will only be few lines long and will be self explanatory because L4X is a "domain specific language". The L4X editor/debugger (IDE) for developing and running an L4X script is much simpler than VBA, easy to use and is designed specifically for the task. The L4X IDE has comprehensive and context-sensitive help, The L4X IDE shows pages of text the text-file you are importing. The L4X IDE has a "wizard" that help you create L4X statements, that reflect the position of any selected text. Once "scripted", worksheets can import text independently of Excel. Please click here to find out more about L4X.
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