PDFing Home Page Upgrading to PDFing version 3.1
If you are installing version 3.1 over an existing v3 or v3.1 installation, you will be asked to "remove" the existing program files. Provided that you are installing PDFing into the same directory as that used previously, then all your configuration files will be preserved intact and you will not need to re-configure PDFing.
If you are installing version 3.1 into a different directory or over an existing v1 or v2 installation, follow the steps in the following section.
Caution! If all your license-keys were issued before 12th December 2004, then this version of PDFing will only work in "un-licensed" mode. Please do not proceed with installation unless you have a license-key issued on or after 12th December 2004. If you have not yet done so, you should apply your support/upgrade license-key as soon as the installation is complete. If you have not purchased a PDFing license-key since this date, you may renew your support contract in order to receive an upgrade license-key which will allow V3.1 to run fully licensed, without limitations.

Do not install versions 3 or 3.1 of PDFing over version 1 or version 2, instead you should create a new directory. Terminate PDFing if it is running and then perform the following tasks:
Regrettably, some of our customers running version 1 and using the more advanced features may need to adjust to their markup files. Please check if any of the following conditions apply to you!

Version 1 of PDFing always placed graphics on the pages of the PDF file assuming an image-resolution of 72 pixels-per-inch. This version can read and use image-resolution directly from the graphic-image. This should make working with images much easier as they will appear on the PDF page at the same size as they were created, unless you have entered a scaling factor different from 1.0 (the default).

This has important consequences for users of version 1.x, you must check your markups to see the effect of the above changes, and adjust the scaling factor where necessary.

If you were using second graphic page in markup, you must re-enter graphic parameter values using new markup graphic tabs.

The font correction function of version 1 has been thoroughly revised. The [Paper] tab of the markup program now includes fields for selecting "Lines per Inch" and "Characters per Inch" values that match the values allowed for the OS400 CRTPRTF command.You can specify that reports with a given number of columns can use corresponding LPI and CPI values. You can now enter negative values for margins.

You may need to test some representative "un-transformed" spooled-files to check that the conversion parameters are correct.

The [Mail-List] tab of the markup program has been changed since version 1. If you were using this feature you must re-enter the email addresses. The new Report Code column will allow you to automatically address documents by analysis of the spooled-file text.

The [BookMark] tab of the markup program has been changed since version 1. If you were using this feature you must re-enter bookmark parameters.

Version 1 of PDFing installed all its files in the same directory. V3 installs some of its files in the sub-directories \Help and \Res.

The working directories are now inside directory: \Queue. If you need to send files to us for diagnosis they will be found in directory: \Queue\Final. The spooled-file data received from OS400 is now written to files named: LP*.lpr.

This document ©Jane Hearn 2004-2007.