A license-key for the L4X add-in, which removes all limitations of the trial version, costs 99.00 US Dollars. You may purchase the license-key on-line using a credit-card. Credit-card payments are processed, on our behalf, by the iPortis secure e-commerce service. Once you have completed your order, you will receive an email listing the license-key(s) you have purchased.
PDFing users should note that applying their "NT Service" license-key will remove all the limitations of the trial version.

Once you have received your license-key, you may apply it, to remove all the limitations of the trial version. Run excel, then click on the [L4X | About] menu-option, to display the following form:
L4X license form
Then copy your license-key into the edit-control labelled: "Licensed to" and click on the O.K button.
If the license-key is entered correctly, the form will be re-displayed and the edit-control will now display the name of the licensee.
L4X license form
If the background colour of the edit-control is blue, then your copy of L4X is licensed and all limitations of the trial version are removed.

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